Participant Accounting

The West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office provides state agencies and local governments the ability to invest funds with other pooled participants through the West Virginia Board of Treasury Investments.

Investment pool options include the West Virginia Money Market Pool, the West Virginia Government Money Market Pool and the West Virginia Short Term Bond Pool.

For a description of the pools, comparative rates of return, and the investment policy established for each pool, please visit the Board of Treasury Investments.

How do I open an account?

1. Provide a Consolidated Fund Resolution adopted by the political subdivision’s authorizing body, such as the county commission, school board, city council, board of directors, etc., authorizing investment in the Consolidated Fund and granting authority to a responsible party to make decisions with regard to investment in the pools that comprise the Fund.

If you do not wish to use the Consolidated Fund Resolution form, please prepare and submit a document providing the same information. A copy of the governing body's signed meeting minutes is also acceptable.

2. Complete the Local Government Account Request Form.

3. Mail the Consolidated Fund Resolution and Account Request Form to:

West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office
Participant Accounting
322 70th St. SE

Charleston, WV 25304

4. You will be notified once the account is approved.

How do I invest?

Once your account is established, contributions and withdrawals can be completed daily for the West Virginia Money Market and the West Virginia Government Money Market pools. Activity for the West Virginia Short Term Bond pool is processed on the first working day of each month.

The most efficient way to conduct investment account activity is to use iPAS – the Internet Participant Access System.

The deadline for same-day processing, regardless of the method used to request transactions, is 9:00 a.m. Request received after 9:00 a.m. will be held for next-day processing.

ACH transactions will settle the business day following the process date. The Treasurer's office will initiate all ACH transactions.

Wire transactions will settle the same day as the processing date. You must instruct your bank to initiate wires related to deposits. Please contact Participant Accounting using the phone number indicated on the Deposit Request form for wiring instructions.

Please note: If you change bank accounts, please contact the Treasurer's office immediately.

Will I receive an account statement?

Monthly statements are provided for each participant account.

For more information contact:

Diane Holcomb, Director of Participant Accounting

(304) 340-1573

West Virginia State Treasurer's Office
1900 Kanawha Boulevard
Capitol Complex Building #1, Room E-145
Charleston, West Virginia 25305
304-558-5000 Toll Free: 800-422-7498

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