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CHARLESTON – West Virginia Retirement Plus, the state’s 457 savings plan administered by State Treasurer John Perdue, is now open to any public employee in Boone County.

Treasurer Perdue is a proud Boone County native, hailing from Dog Fork Hollow just outside of Madison.

“It makes me feel good that if you work for any government-affiliated entity in Boone County then you are eligible to take part in what we think is a wonderful program,” Treasurer Perdue said. “Deferring your income lowers your taxes each year and sets aside an additional nest egg.”

A 457 plan also allows a worker to retire before age 59 and a half and avoid the 10 percent IRS penalty common to other plans. An enrollee does have to pay common income taxes upon withdrawal, however.  

Boone County entities participating include:

  • Boone County Commission
  • Boone County Board of Education
  • City of Madison
  • Town of Danville
  • Town of Sylvester
  • Town of Whitesville
  • Boone County Ambulance Authority
  • Boone County Health Department
  • Boone County Public Service District
  • Boone–Raleigh Public Service District
  • Boone–Madison Public Libraries

“As the state’s chief financial officer, one of my missions is to promote financial education and saving,” Treasurer Perdue said. “I think this does both. I couldn’t be happier.”

West Virginia Retirement Plus requires that one contribute at least $10 per pay period. There is no fee for keeping an account. 

The Treasury does not collect state taxes. Visit the The West Virginia State Tax Department for assistance.

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